If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely heard that storytelling is one of the most important ways to communicate with a client.  

But did you know stories can be assets in your business?  

When strategically chosen and packaged in an easily consumable way, these stories can become an extension of your client development team and recruiting team; they work for you, helping you bring in business and the right team members. 

For example, clients often tell me my story is what attracted them to me.  

My story brings in business and in this way, it’s become an asset in my business.  

This is possible for you, too, but here’s the thing:  

Not all stories are assets.  

In fact, most stories in business are distractions 

That’s why it’s essential you know the two story types that will move the needle for you.  

They are:  

1. Your Personal Brand WHY Story 

This story is about why you do what you do combined with why you care about the people you serve.  

This story is not a story about how great you are, your lengthy list of credentials, or your impressive client list…this story is the essence of what gets you out of bed in the morning.  

This story humanizes you.  

And naturally, when clients get to see this human side of you, they like you, they trust you, AND they want to work with you! 

2. Your Desire Story 

If you hate sounding salesy- -if you’re like me, you do- – then a Desire Story is your best friend. This story sells you, your products, and your services without even a hint of sounding salesy.  

A Desire Story is about the clients you’ve helped and the results you’ve gotten for them.  

It follows a specific framework, one that evokes maximum curiosity. The framework is what makes it NOT sound like your selling, instead it sounds like you’re just telling a great story. 

While your Personal Brand WHY Story shows your heart, your Desire Story encapsulates your ability to help your clients achieve the best results possible.  

And as a result, this evokes desire in the hearts of your listeners to achieve those same results.  

To sum it up, when strategically identified and told in a compelling manner, both story types will be powerful assets in your business 

Here at Crazy Good Talks, we love educating you on how to turn your stories into assets… 

But we also DO IT FOR YOU! 

We provide Done-For-You Story Creation where we not only help you identify the right stories to tell—we write them for you.  

And then, we walk you through exactly how to present your stories in 1:1 meetings, on video, on your website, during presentations, and more.  

Interested in what story of YOURS is going to be the biggest asset for your business?  

Want to know exactly how you should tell it?  

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