About Us

Hi there!  I’m Deirdre.

I don’t believe in boring you with a laundry list of credentials.

However, if you’re reading this section of our website, it’s likely because you want to know more about me, so here goes:

First and foremost, I’m a wordsmith.  I love and have always loved words. Words have the power to create and the power to destroy. Words actually saved my life (feel free to ask me about that).

In part, due to my love of words, in 2011 I founded a company called Crazy Good Talks®. We exist to help mission-driven entrepreneurs (financial professionals, speakers, authors, and consultants) and executives weave their words and ideas together in a way that wins business, attracts top talent, and impacts more lives.

As for my other credentials, I’m a top-rated, International Keynoter, Trainer, and Story Strategist.  I’m a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Cerfired Fearless Living Coach, author of the book Fire Your Fear and host of the Crazy Good Talks® podcast.

I’m passionate about this work and feel blessed every day to help my clients succeed.

On a personal note, I’m an Italian, Irish, New Yorker living in Minnesota, where I try hard not to scare people with my loud voice and enthusiastic hand gestures.

I love boating, travel, wellness, reading, bible study, personal development, getting involved in causes I am passionate about, and hanging out with my family and friends.

I enjoy collaborating with talented people, so to best serve you, we team up strategic partners on certain projects. I also have an amazing core team, one who helps bring my vision to life. I’d love to introduce you to them below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Lillian Davis

As the Client Relationship Manager and Executive Assistant to the CEO, I ensure things are running smoothly and efficiently with our clients.  I have the privilege of connecting with financial professionals and entrepreneurs to ensure we are doing our best to help them reach their goals.

I love this work because I get to see where our clients’ journeys begin and end. It’s a joy to see them blossom and become Crazy Good Speakers!

I have been a part of the Crazy Good Talks® team since 2016 and bring over 25 years of experience in administrative support, human resources, office management and bookkeeping. I love a challenge and am always looking for the best solution in every situation.


Teri Kingston

As the Creative Director for Crazy Good Talks, I work with our clients to bring their stories off the page and onto the stage in a way that will resonate and create maximum impact.

I have brought dozens of speakers to the TEDx stage over the past five years and know, firsthand, how effective the TED approach to public speaking can be. Combining TED style delivery skills with the Crazy Good Talks blueprint and Asset Creation is pure magic.

I actually stepped into the TEDx red dot myself in the fall of 2021 to talk about the caregiver journey, death, dying and how we can live better when we face mortality in a death in a positive way.

When I’m not coaching speakers, I sit and soak in the sea air of St Andrews, New Brunswick and dream of visiting my two adult children and two lovely grandchildren who live and work below the border way too far away.

Katie Dalpoas

I’m Katie Dalpoas and I’m the Story Artist here at Crazy Good Talks. I’m the one behind the scenes watching your discovery sessions, chiseling away at your story, and bringing your words to life.

I’ve ALWAYS loved a good story so it makes sense I would major in Public Relations at Illinois State University. I’ve been able to use that love of story throughout my career from non-profit work to fundraising, to story writing.

On a personal note, I live in a small town in Illinois – population of 1,500 to be exact. I’m married with two beautiful babies – 1 boy and 1 girl. We live on a small lake and enjoy kayaking and spending time outdoors.

Crazy Good Talks brought me on board in 2022 and has been such a blessing in my life. Not only do I get to do what I love, but I can do it while I stay home with my two babies. Family is so valued here at CGT, both the ones we have at home and you, our client family. Thank you for trusting us with your story, I love writing each and every one of them.


Kwesi Millington

As a former Police Officer, I have always helped people from all backgrounds and walks of life. As a Public Speaking Coach and Keynote Speaker, I am still doing that —but in a different way! Among my most memorable success stories are the two students I coached to championship wins in youth speaking competitions and another to a top three finish!

When Deirdre asked me to join her team as one of her coaches, I was thrilled! Like Deirdre, I am a Certified World Class Speaking Coach and my passion is helping our Crazy Good Talks® clients become confident public speakers and spectacular storytellers. Our clients (financial professionals and entrepreneurs) want to nail their next presentation, build trust faster, and trailblaze in their industries. I bring the public speaking coaching skills and the energy to get them there. Seeing their metamorphosis in just a few sessions is amazing. I love it because I know I am helping them grow their businesses AND make a bigger impact on their clients.

At Crazy Good Talks® we take giving back seriously!

Supporting causes we believe in with our resources- -money, time, and talents- – is one of the main pillars of our business. So when you work with us, you’re also supporting those in need and giving back to the world.

One of the organizations we give to is Hope International.

Hope provides micro finance loans and business development training- – with a focus on biblical business and life principles- – to entrepreneurs in underserved countries. What amazes us about Hope is that they have a 98% repayment rate on their loans worldwide! God is at work and great things are happening for people all over the world through Hope’s programs. We HOPE you check them out!

Hope International – www.hopeinternational.org

A HUGE THANK YOU to our clients for helping us make a Crazy Good Impact on the lives of these entrepreneurs!

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