“Deirdre brings a great ROI, we implemented her strategies immediately!”


J.S. | National Manager
RBC Insurance

Deirdre Van Nest is a top-rated Finance Keynote Speaker with a 93% Rehire Rate.

She will:

  • Energize and engage your team

  • Deliver tangible growth strategies

  • Inspire your team to take action


“The best presentation I’ve heard in 20 years.”

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M.C. | Director of Disability Sales
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America


If the Success of Your Group's Business Depends on Building Relationships Quickly, Deirdre is Your Keynote Speaker!

If the Success of Your Group’s Business Depends on Building Relationships Quickly, Deirdre is Your Keynote Speaker!

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Why I’m on a Mission to Help Financial Professionals


I’ve seen many presentations in my 60 years and Deirdre’s was one as the best. As good as Zig Ziglar!


J.M. | Financial Advisor
Thrivent Financial


Deirdre brings a great return on investment – we were able to implement her strategies immediately. She captivated our audience of 200 for four hours and had us wanting more! Overwhelmingly positive feedback and a STANDING OVATION! Deirdre is not a one and done speaker!

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J.S. | National Manager PAC and Onboarding
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Skyrocket Sales

Get to the “YES!” Quicker

How to Increase Trust, Connection & Likeability in 3 minutes or less.

Do your finance professionals want to deepen relationships with current clients and quickly win new business? Do they have their sights set on retaining assets across multiple generations? If you answered YES, Deirdre is the keynote speaker for your event!

See, consumers today are not choosing finance professionals based primarily on credentials, experience, or rates of return; those are expected. Instead, they’re choosing them based on how a finance professional makes them FEEL.

That’s why if you want an edge (especially with Boomer females, Millennials, and GZ), you’ll want to communicate in a way that demonstrates your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

One powerful way to show EQ, is by leveraging a specific storytelling strategy- -your “Personal Brand Why Story”. When your team learns how package and share this story in a way that’s meaningful for their ideal clients, they’ll accelerate trust AND buy-in.

In this interactive presentation your finance professionals will:

  • Understand why after hearing their “Personal Brand WHY Story”, their ideal clients could be in a room full of their competitors and will still make a beeline for them!

  • Experience first-hand how telling their “Personal Brand WHY Story” will increase trust, connection, and likeability in 3 minutes or less.

  • Discover why humanizing themselves is critical to the future of their business.

  • Discover how top producers are using their stories to attract clients and get to the “YES!” quicker.


Stand Out and Own the Room Every Time You Speak!

Stand Out and Own the Room Every Time You Speak!

It’s no longer enough to be the smartest or most skilled finance professional in the room. We are in the Communication Age. This means when speaking to groups, whether it’s for 1 minute or 1 hour, people will make judgments about competency based on speaking skills. So…If you have A+ finance professionals, with a B- SPEAKING SKILLS, you have a problem.

When this happens, you and your team lose credibility, business, and the ability to impact more lives. The good news is keynote speaker, Deirdre Van Nest, will teach your team how to be both; A+ finance professionals and A+ Speakers!

In this presentation your team will:

  • Learn why many finance professionals aren’t satisfied with the results they get from speaking, and what they can do to increase buy-in and knock it out of the park every time they speak.

  • Discover the mistake almost every finance professional makes when they open a presentation. This mistake bores their audience and reduces their influence and impact.

  • Walk out with the key strategy for grabbing their audience from the first words out of their mouth. Let’s face it if they don’t know how to get peoples’ attention off their phones and onto them, their talk is toast. Master this one technique and they will know how exactly how to command the attention of any audience.

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Sales & Finance Keynote Speaker

Storytelling to Skyrocket Sales!

Most consumers make buying decisions based on emotion and then back their decision up with logic. That’s why if your finance professionals want people lining up to work with them after a group presentation or 1:1 meeting, they must become Crazy Good Storytellers. Keynote Speaker, Deirdre Van Nest, will show them how!

Crazy Good Storytellers know how to speak to their listener’s emotions, make a concise point, and let their stories do the selling for them.

In this interactive presentation your group of finance professionals will:

  • Learn the biggest “sales killing” mistake most finance professionals make and how to avoid it when they speak and meet with clients.

  • Hear stories of how successful finance professionals are incorporating stories into their group presentations and 1:1 meetings with clients and prospects.

  • Discover the 3 types of stories every finance professional should be telling.

  • Get Step by Step instructions on how to use the most persuasive storytelling model for a sales conversation (either in group presentations or in 1:1 conversations). This story type allows them to display empathy and sell themselves WITHOUT sounding salesy.

Convert Conversations Into Clients!

It’s no secret that the higher your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the more likely people are to do business with you!

That’s why, if your finance professionals want a competitive edge, they must structure their initial meetings with prospects in a way that demonstrates Emotional Intelligence. When they do this, they’ll more quickly convert prospects into clients…who are ready to do business with them.

In this presentation your group will learn finance keynote speaker, Deirdre Van Nest’s, Crazy Good Talks® 5 Step Process for blending Emotional Intelligence skills into an initial conversation/meeting with a prospect.

Specifically, they’ll discover:

  • The tool for creating trust, connection, and likeability in 3 min or less.
  • The question to ask prospects when transitioning from initial chit chat into the official meeting- -this question quickly exposes their challenges, hopes, and dreams.

  • How to create opportunities to show one of the most important Emotional Intelligence skills– -empathy.

  • The top strategy for creating desire for their services or products without sounding salesy.

To hit the bullet points above, 90 min is needed for this presentation.


How to Attract Top Talent and Create a Connected Culture in this Remote/Hybrid World

When it comes to attracting and retaining their teams in this new remote/hybrid world, your finance leaders are in uncharted waters. They’re asking questions like:

  • How do I create a culture that attracts ideal candidates?
  • How do I compete with companies who can pay more and provide better benefits?
  • How do I retain my team when we rarely meet in person?

There are several answers to these questions but the most powerful one is often completely overlooked because it’s counterintuitive and can be scary! That’s right.  The most powerful way to attract and retain a remote/hybrid team is by getting personal. Yup. And it starts with sharing your Personal Brand WHY Story.  This is a story about WHY you care about the clients your serve, and WHY you care about the people you lead.  This story and others like it will keep your team connected and rowing together especially when times are tough.

In this dynamic, real world- -this is NOT theory, keynote speaker, Deirdre Van Nest, has been running a remote business with a remote team since 2010, before “remote” was even a thing – presentation your finance leaders will discover:

  • Why moving beyond business and getting personal is the “honey” that will attract their ideal candidates.

  • How to get personal in a way that’s appropriate for business (no icky feelings from overshares).

  • Why sharing “Personal Brand WHY Stories” in the workplace is like adding lighter fluid to all their communication channels.

  • Top tips on how and where to share their WHY Story and the benefits of providing a space for their team to do the same.

Whether you have 1 employee or 1000, hiring finance keynote speaker, Deirdre Van Nest, will catapult your teams’ ability to attract top talent and create a more committed and connected culture.

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