With the topsy turvy markets and inflation and recession fears on everybody’s mind, what can you do to ensure a soft landing for your clients? Consider telling stories to calm nervous investors.  

That’s how my financial advisor, Eric, talked me off the ledge March 17, 2020. See I had written a check for my SEP account just a few days before. I called Eric in a panic when I saw the headline: “Coronavirus Market Selloff Reaches New Low!”  

I was desperate for Eric to swoop in to retrieve my SEP investment and save me from “financial ruin”.  

But you know what he did instead? He offset my anxiety, by calmly and empathetically telling me a story that made me feel like he had my back and that I’d be o.k. And it worked!  

I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I will never forget how I felt when I hung up the phone. I was relieved – and confident again about my investment. Panic became peace of mind with a reassuring story from an advisor who knows me well. 

Showing clients charts with historical results can offer a logical explanation, which can help, but your client may need more. That’s because investing is emotional – and so are most money moves! Which begs the question, how can you calm nervous investors? Use stories that will calm their fears. 

This type of story is essential in situations when an emotional connection can make all the difference. Knowing when and how to deliver the right story requires an understanding of what motivates your client. It’s all part of including behavioral advice into your practice – a recognition that humans make decisions with the emotional side of the brain and back it up with logic. 

At Crazy Good Talks we teach financial professionals and entrepreneurs how to share the right story at just the right time, one that can separate you from the pack. 

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