Crazy Good Virtual Meetings™

For Financial Professionals, Thought Leaders, and professionals in client facing roles -this program is applicable to in-person biz dev meetings too!

The good news is the world is opening up again! The GREAT news is… Virtual Meetings are here to stay. This is great news because whether you’re in prospecting or recruiting mode, it allows you to leverage your time AND massively expand your reach. However, the skills that got you “there” in 2020- -setting up the meeting, great audio, good lighting, and backgrounds will not get you “there” in 2021 and beyond. It’s time to up the ante and get Crazy Good at running virtual prospecting meetings from a RELATIONSHIP and RESULTS perspective, so you can move your listeners towards a desired outcome.

In this interactive presentation you will learn the 5 Step Process for quickly developing trust and connection with prospects in a virtual meeting- – so that they are ready to do business with you. At Crazy Good Talks we have used this process since 2012 to build relationships and generate millions of dollars of revenue. You can too!

Specifically you will learn:

  • The most powerful tool to use to “warm up” your prospect BEFORE your virtual meeting
  • The mindset needed to make a genuine connection with every prospect
  • The tool for creating trust, connection, and likeability in 3 min or less
  • The best question to ask your prospect when transitioning from initial chit chat into your official meeting-this question quickly exposes their challenges
  • How to create opportunities for you to show empathy and make emotional connections
  • The top strategy to create desire for your services or product without sounding salesy


For Financial Professionals, Thought Leaders, and professionals in client facing roles

In 2020 your team likely got good at running 1:1 virtual meetings. Now it’s time to take things up a level by moving your team from solely running 1:1 meetings, to leveraging time and technology by holding  virtual group events and webinars. This means knowing how to grab and keep the attention of their audience, creating emotional engagement, and moving listeners to a desired outcome. 

In this interactive presentation your team will learn:

  • The #1 mindset shift they must have to make sure their virtual presentations come off without a hitch
  • Top strategies for virtual engagement- -how to get the chat box to blow up & never again bore listener(s) or lose them to their email inbox
  • The secret to grabbing your audiences’ attention from the first words out of your mouth.
  • How to emotionally engage with audience members; even when separated by a computer screen
  • What to do when the unexpected happens so they’re not tempted to hide under their desks- – instead look like a rock star  

Your group will leave this presentation with increased confidence in their virtual engagement and presentation skills


Presentation Skills Boot Camp

This program can be delivered live or virtually and can be tailored to meet the needs of any professional group.

This training will warp speed the growth each participant has as a presenter and increase their overall “Executive Presence”.  In this 90 min, half day, or full day training participants receive hands on coaching individually and observe each other being coached; think American Idol (without the snarkiness) and The Voice. 

Skills learned in the Bootcamp can be applied to creating and delivering presentations to individuals and groups whether the presenter is speaking for 1 minute, 1 hour, or 1 day.  This training is fast paced and fun while conducted in a “candidly kind” and supportive environment. Below is an overview of how this Bootcamp works.

  • Each Presenter will have 15 minutes “on stage”.
  • Presenters will have up to 5 min to deliver a presentation or a piece of a presentation and will be critiqued by Deirdre for the remainder of the time.
  • Presenters will be coached on the words they use, how they structure those words, and overall messaging. The goal is for their words and message structure to elicit maximum audience engagement and emotional impact.
  • Presenters will be coached on the delivery of their content. Paying close attention to pacing, appropriate use of pauses, body movement, stage presence, vocal and facial variety. Goal is for their delivery to be confident and polished while maintaining their authentic individual style.
  • Presenters will walk out of the Bootcamp with an asset they can use and have the skills to confidently deliver it. They will also know how to craft and deliver future messaging and presentations.
  • From receiving coaching and observing others being coached, all participants walk out with a ‘library’ of messaging tools and delivery strategies they can use to knock it out of the park when they present. 

Here’s what one leader had to say about the Bootcamp: 

Lisa and Peter both had their cell phones just about blow up with all the unsolicited rave reviews of your session.  By far, one of the most engaging, informative and worthwhile sessions I’ve ever experienced – and I wasn’t even presenting! Thank you for always bringing you’re A-game and for your unbridled passion. -Janna F. Leader in Financial Services


How Increase Trust, Likeability, & Connection in 4 Minutes or Less

If you’re like most leaders you’ve likely wondered, “How do I motivate my team?” and “How do I stand out from my competition?” 

To be the leader others want to follow these questions MUST be answered. Ironically many leaders are looking for answers in the wrong place. It won’t be found in new products or services but rather the answers lay within you!

What makes you a leader others want to follow and what differentiates you from your competition is YOU; the value you bring to the table and most importantly WHY you do what you do. The most effective way to share your WHY is through a specific method of business storytelling.  


In this presentation your leaders will:

  • Understand that to stand out in today’s marketplace they must be emotionally engaging.
  • Discover the 3 types of business stories every leader should be telling.
  • Learn how successful leaders are incorporating these stories into their group and 1:1 presentations with their teams and clients.
  • Experience first-hand the technique for increasing likability, connection, and trust in 4 minutes or less.
  • Pick up the step-by-step formula for crafting their own stories. This is a foundational skill every leader needs in their tool kit. It enables them to overcome skepticism and to connect immediately and authentically with their listeners’ hearts. When this happens it’s like pouring lighter fluid on your conversations, recruiting, and marketing activities!


How Increase Trust, Likeability, & Connection in 4 Minutes or Less

If you’re like most advisors, you know your competition is fierce and the marketplace is noisy. Whether you’re talking with prospects and clients 1:1, in a group setting, or online you’ve likely wondered, “How do I differentiate myself from my competition?”. To be the advisor of choice and to avoid being seen as a commodity this question MUST be answered. Because…

It’s no longer enough to be the smartest person in the room, with the most letters after your name. Today’s consumer demands human connection and transparency. It’s time to put away the complex charts, facts, and figures. Ditch the industry jargon. And show your clients, by becoming an emotionally engaging advisor, that you (and ONLY you) can make their financial dreams a reality.

But…ironically many advisors are looking for answers in the wrong place. It won’t be found in giving more facts and figures about your products or services; the answer lies within you!

What differentiates you from your competition and makes you the obvious choice, someone others want to follow is YOU; specifically, HOW you talk about what you do and WHY you do it.

This is where “crazy good” speaking and storytelling skills come in. The good news is every advisor can gain these skills!


In this presentation you will:

  • Discover why relying on technical expertise alone to win and keep business is no longer enough.
  • Understand why in order to reach your full potential as an advisor you must develop Crazy Good speaking skills.
  • Learn the biggest “sales killing” mistake most advisors make and how to avoid it when you speak and meet with prospects and clients.
  • Learn how to connect emotionally with every prospect, client, and audience member. 
  • Learn the 3 types of business stories every advisor must be telling and how successful advisors are incorporating these stories into their group presentations, 1:1 meetings, and online- -with great success. 
  • Pick up the step-by-step formula for crafting your own “WHY” story. This is a foundational skill is a GAMECHANGER. It enables you to overcome skepticism and to connect immediately and authentically with your listeners in 4 minutes or less. When this happens it’s like pouring lighter fluid on your conversations and presentations.
  • This topic can be delivered in a 60 min keynote format up to a half day training format.



For High-Achieving Financial Professionals, Thought Leaders, & professionals who regularly deliver presentations

It’s no longer enough to be the smartest or most skilled professional in the room. We are in the Communication Age. This means when speaking to groups, whether it’s for 1 minute or 1 hour, people will make judgments about your competency based on your speaking skills. So…If you’re an A+ Professional but a B- SPEAKER, you have a problem.

The potential for someone to assume you’re also B- at your job is high. When this happens, you lose credibility, business, and the ability to impact more lives. The good news is You can be both! An A+ Professional and an A+ Speaker!


In this practical and interactive talk your group will:

  • Learn why many professionals are not satisfied with the results they get from speaking, and what they can do to skyrocket sales and knock it out of the park every time they speak.
  • Discover the mistake almost every presenter makes when they open a presentation. This mistake bores the audience, decreases the number of appointments they set after their talk, and reduces their overall impact.
  • Get the key for  immediately capturing the attention of any audience. Let’s face it if you don’t know how to get peoples’ attention off their phones and on to you, your talk is toast. Master this one technique and you will know how exactly how to command the attention of any audience.
  • Discover how to connect emotionally with every audience (use this for 1:1 conversations too). This strategy is like pouring lighter fluid on all your presentations and conversations.