Are you a logical thinker who has enjoyed some level of success by touting your credentials. I get it!  I used to be that way too, but I’ve learned that that approach will only take you so far! 

In order to be successful in today’s marketplace you must add a level of EQ to the mix. 

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is an ability to manage your emotions and understand the emotions of those around you. As you can read in my recent blog, EQ is a learned skill you can improve in many ways, such as sharing your WHY story. 

If you’re lacking EQ, you probably think that creating your personal brand WHY story is as easy as sharing your bio. “I just need to tell them who I am, what I did, where I came from.” Or, “If I tell them about my years of experience in the industry or that I won this award, they will choose to work with me.” 

A lot of times people who are lacking in EQ really believe that’s all they need to do. They don’t recognize that people are emotional creatures who crave connection. It’s how we’re wired. 

Yes, credentials are table stakes. You need credibility in your field to be in the game. But people are not going to work with you because of your credentials. They will choose to work with you based on how you make them feel. If they feel they know you, if they feel you’re trustworthy, if they feel like you are going to take care of them, they will choose you. 

Your personal brand WHY story can do what your credentials cannot. It explains who you are and what you believe in a meaningful story. When done properly, it builds a connection using emotions. 

If you read my blog a few weeks ago you know how much I love the movie Dirty Dancing. If you just want to know the movie plot, you can get the summary online (during family vacation, the resort’s dance instructor asks main character to be his dance partner, and her parents do not approve).  

Google gives you an idea what happens in the movie, but where’s the emotion? Hollywood uses big feelings on the big screen to capture our imagination. By watching the movie in technicolor and getting to know the characters we get a sense for how they feel – and that has a direct impact on how we feel. That feeling can last for decades! 

The great thing about EQ is that you can boost yours. One way to do that is by making your personal brand WHY story deeply personal. We can help you do just that. Start a conversation with the Crazy Good Team today!