If you are using speaking as a marketing tool, you’ve probably had this experience: You leave your talk really excited because 6 out of the 10 attendees checked “Yes, I want to meet with you.” Fast forward two weeks and your excitement is now frustration because you’ve sent two e-mails and made one phone call, and only 1 of those 6 people calls you back to schedule. Then you spend the next month chasing the remaining 5 prospects down with nothing to show for it. Now you’re wondering, “Is speaking really worth it?” There is a simple way to overcome this.

Set appointments on the spot

Become 100% committed to signing people up on the spot. Your goal with each and every presentation should be to walk out with appointments on your calendar (unless your host won’t allow it). No more following up later to schedule meetings. Signing prospects up immediately dramatically increases the number of appointments you get from each talk, and it will free you up from having to chase people down. Overall, it goes a long way in saving your time, energy, and conference.

If you haven’t seen it yet, for a clear example of the impact this simple change can have on your business, watch Episode 12 of Crazy Good Talks® TV. You will also gain access to a checklist that will help you successfully implement this strategy.