Being a skilled public speaker is more than just bragging rights and good communication skills.

It’s an actual, tangible way to grow your business.

And today, I want to share with you why.

1) Leverage with One-To-Many Marketing

As a public speaker, you can use a one-to-many marketing approach versus a one-to-one marketing approach.

For example, instead of meeting a hundred people for coffee, or hopping on a hundred different Zoom calls, what if you could meet with all of these people at one time, and save yourself 99 hours?

See, when you’re up on stage, you get to address a larger audience (a one-to-many approach) while making it feel like you’re speaking directly to each person in the crowd (a one-to-one approach).

That’s 1 hour of your time versus 100 hours of your time. That leverage is second to none!

2) Massive Increase in Credibility

When you’re on stage, people automatically think you’re credible.

Especially if you’re speaking at a hosted event where someone else has invited you to get on their stage…now, you’re borrowing the credibility of the person who invited you.

So, while you may not have had any credibility with this audience, now you do! The host is putting you on their stage, and because the host has a relationship with the people in the seats, you’re automatically seen as a credible source.

You might be thinking, Why does this matter, exactly?
Because you don’t have to prove yourself.

And that is a definite asset to your business growth!

3) Velocity of Visibility

You get visibility the moment you’re in front of people on stage.

And afterwards, you get visibility from the social media posts, blogs, and podcasts that follow the event.

Not only are you posting about being on stage, but so are other people!

And then, when you’ve been speaking enough, you’ll enter what I call the velocity of visibility.

This is when people have seen you somewhere or heard your name before, and they know who you are even before they’ve heard you speak.

There’s a buzz about you. Your name proceeds you. You’re well-known within a certain community or a certain niche.

This is the goal! It’s like passive income for a public speaker: all the work on the front end is done.

And finally, as a bonus, the fourth way to grow your business through public speaking:

Get paid!

If you set your sights on it, take the time to get necessary training, and really hone your craft, becoming a paid professional speaker is absolutely within your reach.

Not only will your business benefit from the leverage, credibility, and visibility you receive as a public speaker, but you can get paid to speak as a keynote (or even as a keynote coach!).

To learn more, check out our Crazy Good Talks Blueprint!