Have you ever given a talk, but “didn’t have time” to make your offer to your audience? Or maybe you made an offer, but it came out like a mumbled apology? I get it. I used to do that too. It is very uncomfortable to give a talk where you go from educator at the beginning to salesperson at the end. Nobody wants to come off as “salesy”!

You can conquer your fear!

The good news is that you can get comfortable making offers. In fact, you must. Consistently making the offer is what will bring in clients and grow your business when you speak. Start with baby steps, and you will get more and more comfortable doing the next thing that it takes to conquer this fear.

Here’s a great first step: change your mindset

I’m sure you know the power your mind has over your reality. The way you look at things can determine if you succeed or fail. Until now your mindset may have been, “Ugh I hate making offers! I’m pestering people! I don’t want to sound like I’m selling them or make them uncomfortable, I want them to like me!” With that mindset, it will be nearly impossible to succeed.

Here’s the mindset you want to embrace if you want to fully reap the rewards speaking can offer: “When I don’t make an offer, I let my audience down. I leave them flapping in the wind wondering, ‘Great, what do I do next?’” See giving a next step is NOT about you. It’s about helping THEM. Years ago I struggled with this too. But once I embraced this mindset my whole business changed and I’ve been able to make a bigger impact on people’s lives. These days I don’t see offering a next step as selling; I see it for what it truly is; Helping.

Cultivate this mindset and the same will be true for you.

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