When I’m interviewing financial professionals and entrepreneurs to discover their Personal Brand Why Story, one of the things I have to caution them against is trying to merge too many themes in one story.  

While you’re human and naturally, you have more than one passion, incorporating too many passions in one story can be incredibly distracting 

It’s crucial that you stick to one relevant theme. See, the key to success with your Personal Brand WHY Story is choosing 1) the right story with 2) the right angle.  

You have to not only pick the story that represents the truth about who you are and why you do what you do, but it needs to be relevant, motivating, and inspiring to the listener. It has to matter to you AND to your clients.  

Now, this isn’t always easy. We’re complicated human beings, made up of hundreds of different stories and passions and reasons we do what we do (whether we realize it or not!). 

The trick is identifying the ONE.  

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, a famous English writer, once coined the infamous phrase, “Kill your darlings.”  

Arthur was referencing the power of stepping outside of his writing and being able to objectively see if it would connect with his reader.  

It didn’t matter if it was the finest piece of prose, he’d ever written…if it wasn’t geared towards his audience, he tossed it.  

This self-editing approach is exactly like the one we take at Crazy Good Talks. When helping clients identify their story, we sometimes have to “kill their darlings”…the stories they THINK they should tell…to get the best possible outcome…the story that will actually become an asset for their business.  

Helping our clients uncover, identify, craft, perfect, and share the personal brand WHY story that’s RIGHT for them is something we’re incredibly passionate about. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with what story to choose and how to deliver it, we’d love to help you with yours.  

Start a Conversation, and we’ll get you started!