How to Increase Trust, Connection & Likeability in 4 Minutes or less

If you’re like most leaders you’ve likely wondered, “How do I motivate my team?” and “How do I stand out from my competition?” 

To be the leader others want to follow these questions MUST be answered. Ironically many leaders are looking for answers in the wrong place. It won’t be found in new products or services but rather the answers lay within you!

What makes you a leader others want to follow and what differentiates you from your competition is YOU; the value you bring to the table and most importantly WHY you do what you do. The most effective way to share your WHY is through a specific method of business storytelling.  


In this presentation your leaders will:

  • Understand that to stand out in today’s marketplace they must be emotionally engaging.
  • Discover the 3 types of business stories every leader should be telling.
  • Learn how successful leaders are incorporating these stories into their group and 1:1 presentations with their teams and clients.
  • Experience first-hand the technique for increasing likability, connection, and trust in 4 minutes or less.