Crazy Good Talks TV

Are you a Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, or Expert who wants to give yourself a competitive advantage? Are you ready to spend less time on marketing and more time working with your ideal clients? If so, you must become a Crazy Good Speaker.

In each of the following episodes you’ll learn a strategy you can use right away to bring in business and build your brand using public speaking and group presentations. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why most Advisors, Agents, & Experts don’t get great results when they speak.
  • How to grab and the attention of any audience from the first words out of your mouth.
  • How to keep your pipeline full without spending a dime.
  • How to dramatically increase the number of appointments you set from a presentation.

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Episode 1: Add Jet Fuel to your Marketing Efforts | Crazy Good Talks

It's the launch of Crazy Good Talks™TV! I'm excited to share the step by step proven system that will give you a competitive edge, build your brand, and bring in business.


Episode 2: How to Grab your Audience’s Attention

During the first 15 seconds of your talk, people will decide if they’re going to tune you in or tune you out. Learn how to grab attention from the first words out of your mouth.


Episode 3: Turbo Charge Your Connection and Your Conversion Rate

Want to bring your content to life and gain a competitive advantage? Connect with your audience's emotions by telling stories! Learn the four types of stories you should include in your Crazy Good Talks™.