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[testimonial image=”” link=”” name=”Jim Link” company=” Founder: Idea-Link, Inc.; New Products & Positioning Consultant; Author IDEA-LINKS: The New Creativity; Keynote Speaker” quote=”When I first started working with Deirdre, I was already a polished, experienced presenter but I wanted to “up my game”. In hindsight, it was the best money I’ve ever spent on my own development.

Once we started, I couldn’t believe how much more there was to learn about be-coming a top-notch presenter. She greatly accelerated my skill development, eventually taking me to a level I could never have reached on my own.

In short, she’s the real deal: Professional. Experienced. Focused. Results-oriented. And just a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking to seriously up your game on public speaking or training—whether it’s content, structure, or delivery—hiring Deirdre is the way to get there.
[testimonial image=”” link=”” name=”Bob Foland CFP” company=”IRA Specialist” quote=”I have done public speaking most of my life, and I’m affiliated with a group of financial advisors who rely heavily on public speaking for marketing.  Even so, Deirdre’s material is a game changer in the way I look at public speaking.

Recently I had the opportunity to give a presentation that was part interview, part audition. I was one of three advisors looking to help a prominent real estate company manage roughly $1 million. By the time I had returned to my office, there was a voice mail message saying that the board had unanimously agreed to work with me.  Thanks Deirdre.”]

[testimonial image=”” link=”” name=”Michelle Monson” company=”Lead Financial Consultant Thrivent Financial” quote=”Deirdre’s Speak and Get Results class will forever change the work I do as a business owner. I learned skills on how to become a speaker that not only educates, but moti-vates the audience to meet and become clients. The skills learned not only will apply to speaking but also in every day client interactions. I brought in over $26,000 worth of new business the first time I gave a talk using Deirdre’s Speak and Get Results Blue-print.”]

[testimonial image=”” link=”” name=”Melissa Delay” company=”Message Maven | Reputation Management for CEOs & Business Leaders on Crisis Avoidance and Good Ways to Deliver Bad News” quote=”Deirdre is amazing! Her program, Speak & Get Results has helped me double my revenue through speaking. Before working with Deirdre, most of my audience would lull around, tell me good job and walk away. I had no idea that so many people would be interested in working with me if only they had a more direct path to my services. Now instead of feeling defeated, I’m scheduling appointments and bringing value to tons of new clients!”]

[testimonial image=”” link=”” name=”Deb Brown” company=”Relationship Marketing Specialist | Retention | Referrals Chief WOW Creator” quote=”I have been speaking for several years to promote my business and have received good reviews. I knew I could be better and I knew Deirdre was the one to help me up my speaking game. After working through her Speak and Get Results program, I have a better topic, better content and more confidence. Recently I delivered my new talk to a group. I got rave reviews. The most interesting came from someone who had heard me speak before. She couldn’t believe the difference between my before and after. I was good before, but I am CRAZY GOOD now! Thanks Deirdre!”]

[testimonial image=”” link=”” name=”Eric Asbeck” company=”Entrepreneurship Business Strategy. Early-Stage Startups. Setting Up New Businesses. Speaker.” quote=”Do you want to learn how to create and tell great stories that will connect with and engage your audience? Deirdre is an excellent, clear teacher. Her structured program has great supporting materials and includes her easy-to-understand-and-apply formula, along with other valuable strategies and additional great teaching points. When you work with Deirdre you will discover she has remarkable clarity, energy, and a deep commitment to being of service. I heartily recommend her.”]

[testimonial image=”” link=”” name=”Connie Hertz” company=”Wellness & Lifestyle Coach with Living In The Glow” quote=”Deirdre Van Nest’s course, “Speak and Get Results” was some of the best money I have ever spent! She effectively helped me to write my signature speech, and gave me a blueprint to write any speech in the future. Deirdre has a loving, direct style, that makes her very easy to work with. I would recommend Deirdre and her courses, to anyone who wants to become an effective speaker and create a powerful speech.”]

[testimonial image=”” link=”” name=”Judy Zimmer ” company=”High Impact Career Coach | Personal Branding Expert | Speaker | LinkedIn Coach | Motivational Speaker” quote=”I would like to recommend Deirdre as a terrific speaking coach. Deirdre helped take my speaking practice to the next level by showing me how to write stories that sell, by creating smooth transitions in my speeches and by showing me the exact words to use in making an offer without sounding salesy. Deirdre’s method has worked over and over again. Her energy, passion and drive are contagious. I cannot say enough good things about her work.”]