How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Set More Appointments in One Hour than Many Advisors Set in One Week

How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Set More Appointments in One Hour than Many Advisors Set in One Week

For advisors in massive growth mode looking to leverage their marketing time

Do your Advisors want to stand out as the “Go-To” experts in their communities?  Do they wish they could spend less time on marketing and more time working with clients? If you answered yes to either question then they MUST become “Crazy Good” at creating and delivering group presentations that tap into their audiences’ emotions and get them thinking, “I want to meet with that Advisor!” Without this skill set it’s difficult to reach “Go-To” status and they may be working much harder than needed to get clients and build their brands.

In this interactive talk, your Advisors will:

  • Learn why most Advisors don’t get the results they hope for from their group presentations.
  • Hear the story of one Advisor who consistently gets 85% of her audience to meet with her and is building her brand using workshops and other methods of public speaking.
  • Discover the mistake most Advisors make at the opening of their presentation that bores their audience and decreases the number of appointments they get.
  • Learn the technique for immediately capturing the attention of any audience. Do this and they’ll stand out from the crowd plus increase their conversion rate (not just in presentations but during 30-60 second networking commercials too).

Deirdre’s presentations at our NAIFA MI State Conference was Crazy Good! Our members raved about it. One long standing member said, “I’ve been to a lot of MDRT and industry events, Deirdre’s presentation was one of the best”. Another said, “Deirdre is one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen.” If you want an engaged audience who walks away with tangible steps they can use right away to grow their businesses, hire Deirdre for your next event!” brokerage manger guardian life and NAIFA MI President

“The presentation was one of the best I’ve been to at Ameriprise. Super engaging and I’ve applied what I learned three times in less than 24 hours.”  – Audience Member -Leader at Ameriprise Financial

“Your talk was crazy good, well delivered, valuable and usable. It was the best I’ve seen at Guardian and I’ve been attending these meetings for 23 years. Your tips will make a difference in my business. Thanks again.”-Michael Hagedorn, CFP, CLU, RICP

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