How to Command the Attention of Any Audience

How to Command the Attention of Any Audience

For Your leadership team-2.5 Hour Training

Leaders today have the tough job of needing to cut through the noise. Sadly a leader can have great leadership skills, but if they don’t know how to communicate their ideas in a way that gets others to sit up, listen, and take action, they will be tuned out and their impact lessened.  Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way! Every leader can learn to become a Crazy Good Speaker.

In this interactive presentation your Leaders will:

  • Discover the mistake almost every Leader makes when they open a presentation. This mistake bores the audience, decreases their conversion rate, and reduces their overall impact.
  • Learn the technique for immediately capturing the attention of any audience. Do this and they’ll stand out from the crowd, immediately engage their audience, increase their conversion rate, and own the room.
  • Learn the how to close a presentation for maximum impact- -and it’s not with Q and A.
  • Understand how to avoid one of the biggest presentation killers – -the mismanagement of Q and A.
  • Learn how to handle their audiences’ questions like a pro, maintaining total control of the room.
  • Pick up top tips for dynamically delivering any presentation

“My leaders and I agreed.  This is the best leadership training we’ve EVER attended. Period. The tools Deirdre gave us were practical and immediately actionable.” – Regional VP  Financial Services

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