Skyrocket Sales & Make a Bigger Impact thru Crazy Good Speaking

Skyrocket Sales & Make a Bigger Impact thru Crazy Good Speaking™

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For Your High-Achieving Advisors, Leaders, & Sales Pros 

Your high-achievers have the technical side of their role down and they’re great at traditional business development. But if they don’t develop the skills needed to become Crazy Good Speakers, they may never reach their full potential. Let’s face it if they are an A+ advisor, leader, or sales pro, but a B- speaker, they have a problem. A fact that should bug them because they pursue excellence in all they do.

Crazy Good Speakers own the room and command and keep the attention of any audience, whether they’re speaking for 1 minute or 1 hour.

Bottom line: Crazy Good Speakers give themselves a competitive edge because when they speak people sit up, listen, and take action. This allows them to skyrocket sales and make a bigger impact on the lives of others.

In this practical and interactive talk your group will:

  • Learn why many high-achievers are not satisfied with the results they get from speaking to groups and what they can do knock it out of the park every time they speak.
  • Discover the mistake almost every speaker makes when they open a presentation. This mistake bores the audience, decreases their conversation rate, and reduces their overall impact.
  • Learn the technique for immediately capturing the attention of any audience. Do this and they’ll stand out from the crowd (giving themselves a competitive edge), immediately engage their audience, and increase their conversion rate/audience buy-in.
  • Understand the mindset needed to “own the room” every time they speak.

“Deirdre was the highest rated speaker at GAMA International’s LAMP 2018. She turned what is typically considered a soft conceptual skill of being a powerful presenter into tangible practical strategies our members could use right away. I saw many members in the halls after her talk shooting videos applying what they just learned!”

Kari Stringfellow 

 Senior Director, Leadership Development at GAMA International

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