Fire Your Fear and Grow Your Business!

Fire Your Fear and Grow Your Business!

For Your advisors, leaders and sales pros at every level

Excuses, excuses.

When business does not go as planned it’s easy to blame results on the economy … other people … not enough time or not enough money. But where does that lead? Nowhere. For many, blame too often is a cover-up for fear… and here’s the kicker — everything they want for their business — more clients, more money, more visibility — is on the other side of fear.

Which means that fear is the only thing standing between the business they have and the one they want. When they “Fire Fear”, they take control — and can finally create the business that aligns with their goals and values.


In this engaging and practical presentation, your group will:

  • Discover how fear and self-doubt may be sabotaging success in their business and quality of life.
  • Learn the mindset shift they must make about fear so they can consistently make decisions that move them forward in their business – rather than hold them back.
  • Learn why “feeling comfortable” may be the biggest problem they have in business right now.
  • Pick up a simple yet powerful daily practice that propels them out of their comfort zone and into the “success zone.”

Deirdre was amazing. Her topic of how to fire fear had the audience mesmerized as she gave her simple but effective message. The feedback was full of hope and encouragement. If you are looking for a speaker to “WOW” the audience, look no further…. Deirdre is it.” – Jim Bear, Registered Investment Advisor

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