Crazy Good Virtual Meetings

For financial advisors and other professionals in business development roles

In 2020 your team likely got really good at running virtual meetings from the tech side-setting up the meeting, great audio, good lighting and backgrounds. 

Now…in 2021 it’s time for Crazy Good Virtual Meetings!

It’s time to up the ante and get Crazy Good at running meetings from a RESULTS perspective.  This means knowing how to grab and keep the attention of their listener(s), creating emotional engagement, and moving their listeners towards a desired outcome.  

In this presentation your team will learn:

  • The most powerful tool to “warm up” prospects BEFORE a virtual meeting
  • The best question to ask a prospect when transitioning from initial chit chat into the official meeting
  • How to quickly encourage prospects to expose their challenges 
  • How to provide opportunities for them to demonstrate empathy and make an emotional connection
  • The top strategy for increasing desire for their services and products

Your group will leave this presentation with increased confidence in their Virtual Selling, connecting, and relationship building skills.