Virtual Selling 2.0

For professionals in client facing roles and leaders who hold virtual team meetings and events.

In 2020 your team likely got really good at running virtual meetings from the tech side-setting up the meeting, great audio, good lighting and backgrounds. 

Now…in 2021 it’s time for Virtual Selling 2.0!

It’s time to up the ante and get Crazy Good at running meetings from a RESULTS perspective.  This means knowing how to grab and keep the attention of their listener(s), creating emotional engagement, and moving their listeners towards a desired outcome.  

Virtual Selling 2.0 also means your team moves from solely running 1:1 meetings, to leveraging technology by holding webinars and group meetings. 

In this presentation your team will learn:

1) Top strategies for virtual engagement- -never again will they bore their listener(s)

2) How to move people to a desired outcome

3) What to do when the unexpected happens so you’re not tempted to hide under your desk- – instead you’ll look like a rock star!  

Your group will leave this presentation with increased confidence in their Virtual Selling and relationship building skills.