Case Study: How Susan Put an End to a No Client Drought

Case Study: How Susan Put an End to a No Client Drought

Susan is a financial advisor from Ohio. She’s tall, dark hair, mid-forties and friendly. Last year Susan and I had a conversation where she said, “Deirdre for the past twelve years my firm has put on an event where we invite clients, their friends and members of the community to pack meals for orphans overseas. It’s a great service to the community and good brand recognition for us, but we’d also love to bring in new clients from the event and we never do, it’s so frustrating! This year I’d like it to be different.”

Fast forward to Nov of last year. Susan and I met up at her company conference where she told me, “I’m so excited, we had our event and you wouldn’t believe it, before it was over, 5 different people came up to me and said, can we meet? 3 have since turned into clients!” So why did this happen? How did she end her firm’s 12-year “no client drought” with this event? Do you want to know?

When Susan introduced herself to the group she emotionally engaged them. See – Emotionally Engaging Advisors™ master two key skill sets! The first skill set learning how to become a Crazy Good Storyteller. Susan learned that skill and used it at this event – that’s what got her the business.

Let me be more specific. Before the group started packing meals Susan took a few minutes to introduce herself. In years past when advisors hosted this event, they did the typical intro: “Hi I’m Deirdre Van Nest with XYZ financial…” You know the drill. But Susan instead told a very specific kind of personal story to introduce herself AND followed a specific process to craft and deliver that story. Because of that, she was the only advisor who connected emotionally with attendees. Because she connected emotionally, she was rewarded with earning their trust and eventually their business!

I want you to have results like Susan when you communicate! So much so that I am on a mission. My mission is that the advisors who learn from me, like Susan, will NEVER be viewed as a commodity. Are you ready to start emotionally engaging with your prospects? Click here to get started with my Emotionally Engaging Advisors™ program today!

Take the Sting Out of Negative Feedback

Take the Sting Out of Negative Feedback

One of the risks of giving presentations is receiving negative feedback. Bad reviews happen. Lick your wounds, but don’t dwell on it or let it shake your confidence.  Sometimes we’re off our game. Sometimes we’re not the right fit for the audience.

Occasional low scores do happen, and you will get negative feedback. Your style and content can’t possibly appeal to each and every person. It’s almost like a rite of passage for speakers. It means you are taking risks and getting out there!

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Dramatically Increase the Number of Appointments You Set From a Talk

Dramatically Increase the Number of Appointments You Set From a Talk

If you are using speaking as a marketing tool, you’ve probably had this experience: You leave your talk really excited because 6 out of the 10 attendees checked “Yes, I want to meet with you.” Fast forward two weeks and your excitement is now frustration because you’ve sent two e-mails and made one phone call, and only 1 of those 6 people calls you back to schedule. Then you spend the next month chasing the remaining 5 prospects down with nothing to show for it. Now you’re wondering, “Is speaking really worth it?” There is a simple way to overcome this.

Set appointments on the spot

Become 100% committed to signing people up on the spot. Your goal with each and every presentation should be to walk out with appointments on your calendar (unless your host won’t allow it). No more following up later to schedule meetings. Signing prospects up immediately dramatically increases the number of appointments you get from each talk, and it will free you up from having to chase people down. Overall, it goes a long way in saving your time, energy, and conference.

If you haven’t seen it yet, for a clear example of the impact this simple change can have on your business, watch Episode 12 of Crazy Good Talks® TV. You will also gain access to a checklist that will help you successfully implement this strategy.

Manage Your Mindset Before a Speaking Gig

Manage Your Mindset Before a Speaking Gig

A question I get a lot is, “How do you manage your mindset and energy before a talk?” Great question! Your mindset and energy have a direct impact on your delivery. You can have amazing content but if it’s not delivered well, you won’t get Crazy Good results!

Create an Energy Protection Plan

This strategy comes from step 10 of the Crazy Good Talks™ Blueprint. What I’ve done, and what I recommend you do, is create an Energy Protection Plan (EPP). An EPP is a series of practices put in place to protect your mindset and energy. I strongly suggest you create your own EPP because it ensures that when you’re onstage you are totally present for your audience and can give your best possible talk.

My Energy Protection Plan

1) No more e-mails, texts, or phone calls at least one hour prior to my presentation. Receiving news that I’m not expecting or don’t want to hear lowers my energy and affects my confidence. This, in turn, affects my delivery and conversion rate. To avoid this risk, I put away my phone before my talks.

2) Listen to and sing along with uplifting music. Alone. In my car. I love Christian Rock and listening to it puts me in the head and heart space for doing my best and really serving my audience. I also love “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and can belt that out like nobody’s business!

3) Move at a slower pace. Nothing gets me sweating and stressing more than being late. If I’m speaking first at a conference and haven’t been able to check in with the AV team the night before, I typically arrive 60 minutes before I speak. This gives me time to get set up and to address any environmental or tech issues. If I’ve already checked in with the team or we’ve had an official sound check, then I arrive 30 minutes before I speak. If I’m not first up, I like to go watch the speakers before me. This gets me in the groove of the conference and gives me material I can use when I take the stage.

4) Pray. A prayer that helps me stay focused and keeps me from getting anxious is, “Lord, please let me forget myself, remember my speech, and bless my audience.”

What practices can you put in place to protect your mindset and energy? For access to bonus content that will help you figure that out, watch Episode 11 of Crazy Good Talks TV!

Fear of Making Offers? Tips to Master Your Mindset

Fear of Making Offers? Tips to Master Your Mindset. 

Have you ever given a talk, but “didn’t have time” to make your offer to your audience? Or maybe you made an offer, but it came out like a mumbled apology? I get it. I used to do that too. It is very uncomfortable to give a talk where you go from educator at the beginning to salesperson at the end. Nobody wants to come off as “salesy”!

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Turn your Talks into Prospect-Converting Machines

Turn your Talks into Prospect-Converting Machines

If you are giving presentations with the goal of bringing in business, the results of each and every talk should be easy to measure. Over time, after giving several talks, you should be able to predict how many leads you will get and how many of those prospects will convert to clients, based on the audience type and size. Being able to book a talk and know how much business will come from it is a game-changer!

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Make Event Hosts Want to Book You

Make Event Hosts Want to Book You

In my last two blog posts, and in episodes 5 and 6 of Crazy Good Talks™ TV, you learned that speaking at hosted events is a powerful way to fill your pipeline without spending a dime. You also learned whom to reach out to and what to say when asking to get booked. There’s just one more piece to the puzzle: you have to get the event host to say, “Yes, we’d love to have you speak.”

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Book Hosted Events Filled With Ideal Prospects

Book Hosted Events Filled With Ideal Prospects!

In my previous blog post, you learned that you can keep your pipeline full without spending a dime by speaking at hosted events. I shared that I have two strategies for finding these types of events, but only shared one of them. Here’s the second, and my go-to! I find it gets me booked the quickest and puts me consistently in front of high-quality prospects

Tap Into Your Resources

It’s as simple as tapping into your resources: Ask your past and current clients for connections to speaking gigs.

There are two reasons why your clients are a goldmine for speaking leads:

These people already love you. They’ve gotten great results as a product of working with you, so they are already your fans. More than likely, they will be happy to help you book speaking engagements.
Your clients can likely lead you to groups of prospects who are just like them.

How Does It Work?

Just like any other type of prospecting, a major factor in getting booked to speak is via word-of-mouth connections. Your clients likely belong to groups or work in organizations that bring in speakers. Ask your clients to introduce you to their groups’ coordinators. That can get you speaking in front of prospects just like the clients with whom you have already had successful results.

If you missed last week’s episode and want a real-life example of this strategy in action, tune into Episode 6 of Crazy Good Talks™ TV. You will also gain access to bonus content, including an action plan and speaking points for talking to clients about connecting you to their groups.

Booking Hosted Events to Keep Your Pipeline Full Without Spending a Dime

Booking Hosted Events to Keep Your Pipeline Full Without Spending a Dime:

One of the biggest challenges you may have in your business is keeping your pipeline full. Giving group presentations on a regular and consistent basis is a great way to do that! If you’re a financial advisor or insurance agent, when you think about giving a presentation, what probably pops in your head is holding your own workshop or seminar. While those can be a powerful source of revenue, you also know that it will take thousands of dollars spent on mailers and then thousands of dollars on catering, and sometimes you find everyone is just there for the food.

Speak Without Spending a Dime

Speaking in order to bring in leads doesn’t have to be expensive. By using step 11 of the Crazy Good Talks™ Blueprint, you can produce results without ever spending a dime: How? Begin speaking at hosted events.

Hosted events are just as they sound – events hosted by someone else. They get the bodies in the seats, they rent the room, they deal with all the marketing and logistics. You just show up.

Most of my clients who are what I call experts – speakers, authors, and consultants – already know about speaking at hosted events and may already be doing that. However, I find that my clients who are advisors or agents don’t realize these opportunities are open to them too. They often think, “No one would want me to speak to their group.”

I want to emphasize that you too, advisors and agents, should work on getting booked at other people’s events. It’s a lot cheaper, less time-intensive, and often it builds your credibility and visibility faster.

Book Hosted Events

There are two strategies I suggest for booking hosted events. I will present the first here, but you will have to stay tuned to next week’s episode of Crazy Good Talks™ TV for the second strategy!

Strategy #1: Search online for opportunities in your community. Regardless of where you live, it’s likely that in your community there are dozens of live events each week that bring in outside speakers.

These days there are groups for everything. Chances are good that you can find pre-existing groups full of your ideal prospects who meet regularly and who are looking to fill speaking slots for their meetings.

If you missed last week’s episode and want to access some Crazy Good bonus content to get you started finding hosted events, tune in to Episode 5 of Crazy Good Talks™ TV.