Turn your Talks into Prospect-Converting Machines

Turn your Talks into Prospect-Converting Machines

If you are giving presentations with the goal of bringing in business, the results of each and every talk should be easy to measure. Over time, after giving several talks, you should be able to predict how many leads you will get and how many of those prospects will convert to clients, based on the audience type and size. Being able to book a talk and know how much business will come from it is a game-changer!

Make your talks measurable

Making your speaking engagements consistently yield measurable results is as simple as employing a tip from Step 6 of the Crazy Good Talks Blueprint™: give your audience an exact next step to take with you and sign them up for it on the spot.

It’s so simple, yet it’s rarely done.  Even I used to think that I could just dazzle my audience with my great talk and would get swarmed afterwards by prospects wanting to work with me. It rarely happened. The lack of results after each talk baffled and frustrated me. It wasn’t until I started giving my audience an exact next step that I actually started gaining business through my presentations. Over time, my talks have turned into consistent, predictable prospect-converting machines.

The bonus content for this step is Crazy Good. You’ll get examples of some next steps that you might offer your audience, and even better, a speaking gig tracker.

This worksheet will help you track your results so that over time, you can predict in advance what your results will be.

If you didn’t watch last week’s episode to get these tools, tune into Episode 8 of Crazy Good Talks TV™.