Make Event Hosts Want to Book You

Make Event Hosts Want to Book You

In my last two blog posts, and in episodes 5 and 6 of Crazy Good Talks™ TV, you learned that speaking at hosted events is a powerful way to fill your pipeline without spending a dime. You also learned whom to reach out to and what to say when asking to get booked. There’s just one more piece to the puzzle: you have to get the event host to say, “Yes, we’d love to have you speak.”

Tailor Your Talk to a Specific Audience

While it may be more difficult for an adviser or agent to get booked than it is for an expert like a speaker, author, or consultant, this strategy from step 11 of the Crazy Good Talks™ Blueprint will increase your odds: Tailor your common topic to a very specific audience.

For example, an adviser or agent pitching a talk on retirement planning is unlikely to get booked. It’s a common topic. However, if that same adviser or agent approaches a group of dentists and pitches their talk on retirement planning for dentists – stating that they will address the concerns and challenges that dentists have – the group coordinator is likely to bring them in.

Specificity Raises Your Expert Status

The more specific you are when homing in on a target audience, the more likely you are to get booked. Specificity makes it clear that you have expertise working with people in their field, and that you aren’t just talking to everyone. You are truly speaking their language.

Even for experts like speakers, authors and consultants, people who already have unique topics, this strategy will accelerate your marketing efforts. When I first started speaking years ago, my talk was tailored towards business owners in general. That was better than targeting no one, but over time I narrowed that down to targeting mainly advisers and agents. While it scared me at first – I didn’t want to leave anyone out! – making my ideal audience group narrow actually increased my bookings and raised my expert status in the eyes of my ideal prospects.

If you missed last week’s episode and want more examples of how professionals like you have implemented this strategy, plus for access to bonus content that will help you choose your specific audience and tailor your talk, watch Episode 7 of Crazy Good Talks™ TV.