Book Hosted Events Filled With Ideal Prospects

Book Hosted Events Filled With Ideal Prospects!

In my previous blog post, you learned that you can keep your pipeline full without spending a dime by speaking at hosted events. I shared that I have two strategies for finding these types of events, but only shared one of them. Here’s the second, and my go-to! I find it gets me booked the quickest and puts me consistently in front of high-quality prospects

Tap Into Your Resources

It’s as simple as tapping into your resources: Ask your past and current clients for connections to speaking gigs.

There are two reasons why your clients are a goldmine for speaking leads:

These people already love you. They’ve gotten great results as a product of working with you, so they are already your fans. More than likely, they will be happy to help you book speaking engagements.
Your clients can likely lead you to groups of prospects who are just like them.

How Does It Work?

Just like any other type of prospecting, a major factor in getting booked to speak is via word-of-mouth connections. Your clients likely belong to groups or work in organizations that bring in speakers. Ask your clients to introduce you to their groups’ coordinators. That can get you speaking in front of prospects just like the clients with whom you have already had successful results.

If you missed last week’s episode and want a real-life example of this strategy in action, tune into Episode 6 of Crazy Good Talks™ TV. You will also gain access to bonus content, including an action plan and speaking points for talking to clients about connecting you to their groups.