Booking Hosted Events to Keep Your Pipeline Full Without Spending a Dime

Booking Hosted Events to Keep Your Pipeline Full Without Spending a Dime:

One of the biggest challenges you may have in your business is keeping your pipeline full. Giving group presentations on a regular and consistent basis is a great way to do that! If you’re a financial advisor or insurance agent, when you think about giving a presentation, what probably pops in your head is holding your own workshop or seminar. While those can be a powerful source of revenue, you also know that it will take thousands of dollars spent on mailers and then thousands of dollars on catering, and sometimes you find everyone is just there for the food.

Speak Without Spending a Dime

Speaking in order to bring in leads doesn’t have to be expensive. By using step 11 of the Crazy Good Talks™ Blueprint, you can produce results without ever spending a dime: How? Begin speaking at hosted events.

Hosted events are just as they sound – events hosted by someone else. They get the bodies in the seats, they rent the room, they deal with all the marketing and logistics. You just show up.

Most of my clients who are what I call experts – speakers, authors, and consultants – already know about speaking at hosted events and may already be doing that. However, I find that my clients who are advisors or agents don’t realize these opportunities are open to them too. They often think, “No one would want me to speak to their group.”

I want to emphasize that you too, advisors and agents, should work on getting booked at other people’s events. It’s a lot cheaper, less time-intensive, and often it builds your credibility and visibility faster.

Book Hosted Events

There are two strategies I suggest for booking hosted events. I will present the first here, but you will have to stay tuned to next week’s episode of Crazy Good Talks™ TV for the second strategy!

Strategy #1: Search online for opportunities in your community. Regardless of where you live, it’s likely that in your community there are dozens of live events each week that bring in outside speakers.

These days there are groups for everything. Chances are good that you can find pre-existing groups full of your ideal prospects who meet regularly and who are looking to fill speaking slots for their meetings.

If you missed last week’s episode and want to access some Crazy Good bonus content to get you started finding hosted events, tune in to Episode 5 of Crazy Good Talks™ TV.