A Simple Strategy to Increase Your Conversion and Connection

A Simple Strategy to Increase Your Conversion and Connection

When you speak anywhere, your main objective should be connecting with your audience’s emotions to inspire action. Not only does this strategy increase audience engagement, but assuming your goal is booking appointments, you’ll increase your conversion rate too! So how do you connect with your audience in an impactful way? Read on below to learn about the power of the art of storytelling!

Step Four of the Crazy Good Talks Blueprint

Step Four of the Crazy Good Talks Blueprint is all about forging powerful emotional connections with your audience through the art of storytelling. However, you can’t tell any old story to accomplish this; a Crazy Good Talk contains one of four specific types of stories.

The Four Types of Stories

1. Your Why Story.

Explain why you do what you do, why you care about your given topic, and why you are passionate about this particular audience.

2. A Then, Now, and How Story.

This strategy goes over the story of a client who has gotten great results using your services. It highlights where the client started, and where they are now as a result of using your services.

3. A Client Vignette.

Simply stated, this is a short client testimonial told the format of an engaging story.

4. A Story to Illustrate a Point.

This story is intended to bring your facts and content to life by weaving together an entertaining tale. Specifically, this story offers a lesson to learn so your audience understands and remembers your point.

Now, would you like to learn an insider secret about storytelling – one that can significantly impact your conversion rate? When you tell stories, particularly your Then, Now, and How and Client Vignette versions, be sure to share stories about people who are similar to your specific audience.  

For example, if you’re a male advisor speaking to female executives, tell stories about the female executives you’ve worked with, or if you’re an expert consultant talking to business owners about succession plans, share stories about other business owners. Doing this will not only help you connect with your audience, but it will make them feel like you get them and that you’re one of them (even if you’re not).

Years ago, one of my clients, Matt, told a story to a group of moms about a woman named Allie who was like them, and struggling with their same issues. He had a 100% conversion rate of booked appointments that day, and we knew his story was one of the critical factors that made it happen! I would guarantee, if he had told a story about a fifty-year-old truck driver named Al, his conversion rate wouldn’t have been so strong.


Looking for a little bonus content or tips for telling Crazy Good Stories™?

If you missed last week’s video for this blog, go here to watch the video and grab a worksheet that will give you a detailed explanation of each story type, and questions to spark ideas for the stories you should be sharing!