Grab Your Audience’s Attention with Your Very First Words

Grab Your Audience’s Attention with Your Very First Words

Every member of your audience has in their hands something that could easily be more compelling than you are: their cell phone. Your challenge as a presenter is to grab the attention of your audience away from their phone with your very first words.

Unpleasant pleasantries

Think about the last presentation you heard. How did the presenter start? They most likely began with something standard like, “Thank you for having me here, my name is Deirdre Van Nest. Isn’t this weather crazy?!”

People will decide within the first 30 seconds of your talk whether they are going to tune in or tune you out. By starting with what I call “unpleasant pleasantries,” you will surely lose the battle for your audience’s attention.

Open with a bang!

So what do you do instead? You open with a bang! There are many ways to do this, but my favorite is the simplest: Ask your audience a carefully-constructed question that contains 3 important ingredients.

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