Why Your Technical Expertise is Not Enough

Keeping Your Audience Engaged and Building Your Business Through Speaking

Many financial advisors, insurance agents, and experts give presentations as a marketing strategy. Their goal is to raise visibility and bring in clients from the back of the room.

Often, despite knowing that public speaking is a powerful way to build a business, in theory, they find themselves wondering “Why don’t I get better results when I speak?”

Here’s the likely reason: when they speak they are relying on their technical expertise alone to deliver their message.

Why technical expertise alone doesn’t cut it

Today’s consumer expects more. If what you’re saying isn’t more engaging than anything they can find on their phone your talk is toast. If all you’re doing is throwing together technical information or taking a pre-written compliance-approved script provided by your company and delivering it word-for-word, I promise you the phone will win.

The problem with relying on technical expertise alone to deliver a talk is two-fold:

  1. It’s boring.
  2. There is nothing that differentiates your talk from that of all of your competitors, who also have that same technical information.

What makes a talk Crazy Good?

There’s a science to creating talks that are Crazy Good. Bring technical content to life by adding what I call “The Flair.” Elements like stories, analogies, and interactive activities all give your presentation flair.

The key is knowing how to strategically place each element of your talk in order to grab and keep the audience’s attention, to reach them emotionally, to offer your services without sounding “salesy,” and an end to the talk with the audience motivated and on a high.

A Crazy Good Talk™:

  • engages your audience
  • gives real value to your audience
  • gets your ideal prospects signing up on the spot to meet with you
  • is good enough to get paid for

The Crazy Good Talks™ Blueprint

Since most of us aren’t born knowing how to strategically place the elements of The Flair into a talk to make it Crazy Good, I created the Crazy Good Talks™ Blueprint.

The blueprint is a step-by-step proven system to help financial advisors, insurance agents, and experts create, deliver, market, and book their own Crazy Good Talks™.

If you’d like to download a copy of the blueprint so you can start giving Crazy Good Talks™ go to www.crazygoodtalks.com/bonus1.

Did you enjoy this Crazy Good Talk™ tip? Watch my expanded video version on Crazy Good Talks™ TV where you can also receive a downloadable bonus to help you implement this strategy. Click here to watch now.