Don’t Make this Closing Mistake!

You’ve done a Crazy Good job in your talk! But then it happens…you make this very common closing mistake- -all the energy deflates out of the room and your conversation rate goes down. What’s the mistake? Watch this video to find out. Look for part 2 to learn what to do instead.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Make this Closing Mistake!”

  • Thanks Deirdre! In our business we do info webinars with people who won’t otherwise have contact with a Founder of our company. At the end we do have time for Q&A — how can we do that a different way to help people with their questions about getting into our fashion business?

    When I do a keynote I never consider a Q&A so I totally get what you are saying in that context. Just would love your thoughts on the first scenario! THANKS!

    • Great question Anne! If you go to my website and click on Talk Tips you’ll see my most recent video. It outlines difference options of where to put Q and A. One of the best places to put it is after your teaching content but before your offer. If you’re not making an offer to buy something or move forward with you in some way then you would put it after your content but before your closing. Many people think the “close” is when you ask someone to buy something, it’s not. Your closing should be a short inspiriting message that wraps up your talk -like putting a beautiful bow on a package. Does that help Anne?

  • Deidre

    As a young lawyer I was trained not to ask questions of a trial witness if I didn’t know the answers. Why? You leave yourself open for the unexpected; you lose control. Same with the Q&A. Thanks for the great tip.

    • That is SO true Caryn, advice to live by! The nice thing with a speech is if you get a question you don’t want to address publicly you can say something like, “That’s a good question. I don’t have time to give it the full attention it needs right now but if you’d like to talk to me after my talk I’d love to discuss it in more detail.” I don’t imagine that would fly in a deposition or court of law would it?!

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