Hook Your Audience from the First Words Out of Your Mouth!

Most presenters start to bore their audience and kill their sales from the first words out of their mouth. You don’t have to be that presenter. Watch this video and learn how to avoid making that mistake.


7 thoughts on “Hook Your Audience from the First Words Out of Your Mouth!”

  • Great tip Deidre,

    Here is one idea for an opening line

    “Are you angry with the human destruction of planet Earth?”

    Marjory Wildcraft
    Managing Director, the [Grow] Network
    “Homegrown Food On Every Table”

    • Hi Marjory! That could be a great question depending on your answer to the following question:Do you believe most of the audience would agree with you and feels as strongly about this as you do? If so, go ahead and try the question and see how it lands. If not or you’re unsure, how can you ask it in a way that is a bit softer? Before you answer that though answer this: What is the main point of your talk? Is it about the destruction of the earth? If that’s not the main point the question may be a good one but not as relevant as it could be. Please post your answers below, I’d love to carry-on this conversation.

      • The main point of my talk is that it only takes about an hour per day to grow half of your own food in a backyard sized space.

        Perhaps another opener could be “Who wants to grow half of thier own food in less than an hour per day”?

        My motivation for my whole business is that commercial ag is the destructive force on the planet. A local sustainable food supply cannot be done by farmes alone – it requitres input by the community in thier yards, on patios, and rooftops.

        • Wow Yes! When I read your main point-before even looking at your question I thought, “Really? Is that possible? I want to know how to do that!” Your question could be something like..”If you could grow your own food in less than an hour a day, would that be exciting?” or “If I told you that in the time it takes you to (insert something common that takes around an hour ) you could grow half of the food you eat, would you think I was crazy?”

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