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Grab Your Audience’s Attention with Your Very First Words

Grab Your Audience’s Attention with Your Very First Words Every member of your audience has in their hands something that could easily be more compelling than you are: their cell phone. Your challenge as a presenter is to grab the attention of your audience away from their phone with your very first words. Unpleasant pleasantries Think about the last presentation you heard. How did the presenter start? They most likely began with something standard like, “Thank you for having me […]

Choosing the Right Speaking Topic

One of the most common questions I receive from clients and audiences is, “What should I speak about?” When I dig a little deeper what they really want to know is, “What topics are hot?” It’s a valid question but not the one they should be focused on. See if you choose your topic based on what’s popular or the business flavor of the moment, you may be setting yourself up for frustration and failure.

Set Up Your Room for Crazy Good Delivery!

You’ve written your talk, you’ve practiced your delivery, but what you might forget to think about is how your room is set up. Room set-up is a critical component to giving a Crazy Good Money-Making Talk. Check out this video to see how I rearranged my room on location at a speaking gig.