Who to Contact to Get Booked for Speaking Gigs

If you’re like many business owners I work with you might think, “Deirdre I want to speak, but I don’t know how to get booked!” In this video I reveal the BEST source of speaking leads…it’s right under your nose. This source enabled me to book a talk to 700 ideal prospects, you can too!

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  1. This IS a good tip! I realized that I can use this on a bigger scale by emailing my academic list of 23,000 to let them know I’m available for talks and workshops. I also have a ton of individual clients I can contact. I’ve wanted to get institutional gigs but I had no idea how to reach out to the institutions. They’ve always come to me, but now when I’m ready to come to them, I felt stymied. But a good first step is to contact the people I know!

    Thanks, Deirdre!

    • Awesome Gina thanks for letting me know! It’s funny but most people do get stymied with exactly the same thought. Once you realize is just a matter of connecting with individuals (and your clients are the best place to start) who can connect you to the larger institution it becomes way easier and less intimidating to book gigs. Sounds like with that many contacts you amy be busy for a while Gina!

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