Set Up Your Room for Crazy Good Delivery!

You’ve written your talk, you’ve practiced your delivery, but what you might forget to think about is how your room is set up. Room set-up is a critical component to giving a Crazy Good Money-Making Talk. Check out this video to see how I rearranged my room on location at a speaking gig.


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    • Deirdre,

      This is great. What would you do if you were in a room with rows of chairs and a small audience? Do you ask them to move up?

      Keep the crazy good tips coming!



      • Great questions. That can be tricky because some people get annoyed when someone asks them to change their seat and I don’t like to start out with people annoyed at me. In that situation if you can, I’d remove the back rows of chairs before they come in. If you can’t move them and you have handouts you could place the handouts on the front rows of chairs which indicates that they should sit there. Another idea is to have someone else standing at the door asking people to sit towards the front. If none of those options are open to you then weigh the pros and cons of asking them to move up before you start or letting them stay where they are.

  1. Deirdre,
    Very Helpful Tips! You gave more than one! How to set up a room so you can stay the focal point and create a more intimate experience for your audience no matter the size of the room. You definitely save people years – big-time. Otherwise we go through so many painful learning experiences and learn only one small piece at a time. And I liked the on-the-spot example of how you get it done.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Deidre, great advice. Yup, I love to come early and ‘imprnt’ the space with my energy…

    BTW, I haven’t ever seen a sales page from you. What products do you have? I’ts not obivous anywhere on this page. No CTA.

    Thanks for all your tips.

    • I love the idea of “imprinting” your energy! Thank you for asking Marjory. I offer a private and a group mentorship program called the Speak and Get Results Blueprint. If you go to http://www.crazygoodtalks.com and click on the Work With Deirdre page you can see the details. There’s an option at the bottom to apply for a strategy session with me if you are interested in seeing if it’s the right fit for you.

      What does “CTA” mean?

  3. Hi Deidre, another great tip(s). I’ve been to so many speaking venues and seen lots of “how not to’s.” I think this was great because I usually have small crowds and the angled seating towards the presenter in the corner had never crossed my mind. BTW CTA is Call to Action. Keep the great info coming!

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