Monthly Archives: April 2016

What to Say to Get Booked for Speaking Gigs

Now that you know WHO to contact to get booked to speak, you might be wondering, “But Deirdre, WHAT do I say?” Don’t worry, in this video you’ll learn exactly what I’ve been saying since 2008 to get booked for both paid and unpaid speaking gigs.  

Who to Contact to Get Booked for Speaking Gigs

If you’re like many business owners I work with you might think, “Deirdre I want to speak, but I don’t know how to get booked!” In this video I reveal the BEST source of speaking leads…it’s right under your nose. This source enabled me to book a talk to 700 ideal prospects, you can too!

Set Up Your Room for Crazy Good Delivery!

You’ve written your talk, you’ve practiced your delivery, but what you might forget to think about is how your room is set up. Room set-up is a critical component to giving a Crazy Good Money-Making Talk. Check out this video to see how I rearranged my room on location at a speaking gig.