Don’t Make this Closing Mistake! Part 2

You’ve done a Crazy Good job in your talk! But then it happens…you make this very common closing mistake- -all the energy deflates out of the room and your conversion rate goes down. In Part 1 you learned what the mistake is, in this video learn what to do instead.

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  1. Dierdre, I love your videos. Thanks for the great Tip on how and when to handle Q&A. I have a Talk coming up in a couple of weeks – and I’m going to try it! Your advice makes great sense. Now, I need to do a better job of making the offer!

    • Thank you KC! I appreciate your comment and am thrilled to help you. What part of the offer do you get stuck on?

  2. I’ve learned this technique from Deirdre. It really helps to control the Q&A and to make the offer AFTER that. You can control the energy of the offer that way, and get the highest conversion rate.

    Deirdre has been a great coach for my work!

  3. Diedre, very good tip to do before offer and close. Also I have found if you limit questions it causes more “after the actual event” buzz when attendees may want to gather around and get close to the speaker creating the Rockstar effect

    • You’re right Dr. Barry! If you answer all their questions they may feel “full” and not sign up for your offer.

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