How to look and feel confident when you open your talk-even when you’re not.

If you’re like most speakers you’re most anxious when you first take the stage. The problem is audiences often pick up on that. Here’s a quick tip that will not only make you feel more confident but you’ll look it too- -even when you’re not.

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  1. Sounds good Deirdre. I often find myself ‘going up on my toes’ when in front of a camera or talking on stage. I noticde none of the anchors on tv do that… Any tips for how to stp that unconscious habit?.

    • I have a few questions for you Marjory: 1) Do you have any thought on why you do that? 2) Is this something you know you do or did you just realize this when you watched my video on standing still. 3) If it’s something you’ve known about what if anything have you already tried to break the habit?

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